Stary Winter

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Winter Star Rooibos Tea brews a wonderful red cup of warming Rooibos tea, a cup as red as the ninth brightest star in the winter night sky, Betelgeuse. On cold winter days and nights, the amazing blend of Premium Rooibos, Moroccan Almonds, Papaya pieces and Marzipan flavours provide a full bodied, caffeine free, herbal tea with a sweet and rounded flavour. You don't have to be a star gazer to enjoy Winter Star Rooibos Tea, but if you are, this is definitely one for your flask!

INGREDIENTS:Rooibos, Papaya Pieces, Almond Pieces and Natural Flavours

ORIGIN:South Africa


LEAVES:Grade 1 Premium Rooibos

AROMA:Sweet Marzipan

COLOUR:Reddish orange to full red colour - depends on brewing time and quantity used

TASTE:Wonderful almond, nutty flavour with sweet marzipan and Rooibos depth


WELL BEING:Balancing


FLAVOUR:Slightly Sweet


STRENGTH:Full Bodied