Kashmir Pashmina Stole 70%

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What are Pashmina scarves made of?

It is really important to answer this question "What is a Pashmina scarf made of", as it has created mass confusion among the admirers of pure Pashmina scarves. Pashmina scarves are made of Cashmere wool which is sourced from Ladakh. Here an exotic rare goat grows Cashmere over its underbelly to survive freezing cold. This Wool is naturally gotten rid of in summers by the goat. It is later cleaned, spun, woven, and handcrafted into luxury Pashmina scarves, shawls, and other wrap accessories.

Once the luxurious cashmere fiber has been spun into a complete yarn, it passes on to the weaver. The art of weaving is the turning point in the sojourn of a Pashmina. It transforms the Cashmere yarn into the finest pashmina shawls, stoles, scarves, throws, and apparel the human eye has ever seen. A weaver carefully mounts the yarn over his traditional wooden handloom and starts weaving with a harmonious effort of his hand and foot. It takes anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks to finish weaving one pashmina scarf, pashmina wrap or a pashmina shawl. There are several weaves that are done but the Chasm-e-Bulbul or the popularly known Diamond weave remains the signature weave. 


We currently offer fine Pashmina stoles with around 70 percent Pashmina mixed with silk. Pashmina can be one of the memorable gifts for your loved ones.


Washing Instructions : Pashmina products must only be dry cleaned