Masala Chai

How about a Cup of Masala Chai?

By Masala, i don't mean chilly and spicy but healthy and warm. Yes that's what Masala literally means and should bring to your Cup or Platter. Born in cold weather in Kashmir, i always saw our families and neighbours consuming food and beverages that bring warmth to the body and are healthy at the same time. When it came to Tea, Kashmiri Kahwa, Sheer Chai and Masala Chai were always the three things that you hear quite often everyday and drink at least 3 to 4 times daily during winters. After moving to Switzerland with weather similar to that in Kashmir in India, the first Tea blend i created for our customers was Masala Chai using fresh whole spices from Kerala and Strong premium black tea from Assam India and i am not surprised that this is the Tea we sell the most. For this and every Christmas, i am sure this will always be my 1st offering in Tea advant calenders to the customers as this blend is handmade specially for Switzerland using my Mothers recipe by me. If you have not yet tried it but are a Chai lover, i bet you are missing alot in life. Go for it, it is not spicy but warm and natural just as you would want your morning and evening beverage to be.

Our Masala Chai goes well as Vegan and Dairy Chai both. Almond milk works the best for Vegan Chai.

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