Matcha Tasting & Brewing

Our Tea Tasting Events help tea drinkers indulge themselves into an experience of different varieties of Tea they are yet not exposed to. Do Join our Matcha Tasting Session in Basel in December 3rd at 19 PM. Buy your Tasting Tickets and Kits here. 


 Matcha Tasting event on December 3rd

Drinking Matcha, the Japanese powdered green tea, is a particular experience and one can develop how to enjoy it to the levels of an art.

Here you can order A COMPLETE MY MATCHA MOMENT PREMIUM KIT that includes:

🍵Matcha bowl "chawan"

🍵Bamboo whisk "chasen"

🍵Whisk Holder 

🍵Matcha spoon "chashaku"

🍵A Cup of Matcha to drink

🍵An in-house snack/sweet

*Valued at 70 CHF including the workshop


See you at My Matcha Moment!

 Prices are excluding 7.7 % MWST