Darjeeling White Tea 25 gm

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Darjeeling White Tea is a specific form of tea in which the leaves and buds are simply steamed and dried. In this sense, Darjeeling white tea represents the least processed form of tea, since green, oolong and black teas undergo withering before various degrees of fermentation. White tea loose leaf also contain a higher proportion of buds, which are covered with fine 'silvery' or 'downy' hairs that impart a light white/grey color to the tea. Darjeeling White tea brews have a pale yellow/light translucent color, and has a slightly sweet flavor with no 'grassy' undertones sometimes associated with green tea. Since it is the least processed, it is also notable in having best properties in healing and fighting diseases

200 ML water at 80 degree for 4 to 5 minutes