Mandala Art Copper Bottle

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Material: Pure Copper and is infused with the amazing health benefits of copper.

Leak-Proof: It is designed with a sealed cap to prevent water leakage. Silicone seal ensures effortless opening and closing of bottle lid while ensuring no leakage.

Design: Flower Mandala Art Design

Capacity: 950 ML

Dimensions: 28 cm (Height) X 7.5 cm (Width)

Weight: Upto 300 Gram

Box contains: 1 Pcs

Country of Origin: India

Be it ancient Indian literature or modern medicine, the benefits of drinking water stored in Handmade Copper Bottles have been explained well by both. If you are looking for a copper water bottle that combines exquisite elegance and excellent quality, Auffbeat’s Handmade Copper Bottle in Flower Mandala Art Print is perfect for you. These Copper Bottles are handcrafted using a traditional technique that provides them with a joint-less and leak-proof design making them easy to use and clean. Add to that the new mandala print design; these Handmade Copper Bottles will surely add a splash of Colour and class to your surroundings.


Health Benefits: 


Copper vessels are one of the blissful inventions of humankind as it has been scientifically proven that storing drinking water in a copper vessel aids digestion, improves the immune system, Stops the growth of harmful bacteria, and heals wound faster. In addition to this, water stored in authentic copper bottles helps in improving joint health, Enhances Hemoglobin Synthesis, Slows Aging, thyroid health, and enables the body to absorb iron.



  1. Cleaning these copper bottles is way easy! Simply, just squeeze half a lemon and 1 tablespoon of salt with a half cup of water into the bottle. Shake the mixture thoroughly after closing the lid to avoid spillage. Voila! Rinse the bottle with water and it will be ready to serve you back.
  2. Don’t use coffee, tea, or juices that are acidic such as oranges.
  3. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers as they may dull the finish.