Kashmiri Carpet 9x7 feet

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The art of carpet weaving is not inherent to the region and it is believed that it was first introduced by Indian Mughal rulers almost 400 years ago. Mughal emperors imported Persian knotters with the intention of crafting luxury carpets for their palaces. Over time the art of carpet making grew to become a natural and intricate part of Kashmiri culture. This can be seen in the beautiful designs of Kashmir carpets that typically depict elements of culture and folklore. Today, these intricate works of art are highly sought after by connoisseurs around the world for their refined craftsmanship.

The use of silk results in a high quality, thin and light carpet that can also be hung on a wall. The exceptionally fine and elaborate details are almost brought to life with a natural shimmering lustre when light hits the silk in the carpet.


Can be dry cleaned or wiped with wet cloth.