Glass Tea Basket

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Surprise your close ones with this cute and beautiful Tea Basket. The Basket comes with 20 to 24 small glass Tea jars with cork lid. Each jar offer one cup of Tea or brew or maximum 2 for some. 

All the products in the basket will be visible together and no numbers are written. 

See list below for inclusions in the basket:


Earl Gray

Quarrier's Dream Luxury Black Tea

Margaret's Hope Luxury Black Tea

Chrisenthium Flowers

Ayurveda Blue Tea

Jasmine Pearl

Green Cardamom 

Star Anise

Emotional Detox Tea

100% Lemomgrass

Dry Roses

Ayurveda Women Power Tea

Ayurveda Tulsi Lemon Tea


Sencha Green Tea

Masala Chai

Ayurveda Wellness Tea

Darjeeling 1st Flush 

Darjeeling 2nd Flush