Matcha Japan 20 g

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So, what’s so great about matcha? We’d say it comes down to three things: the exquisite taste of the best varieties, the power generated by grinding the green leaves (tencha) into a powder, and the artistry of the Japanese tea ceremony. Think of matcha as a green tea espresso: by consuming the leaf as a powder rather than infusing and removing, you get all the goodness contained in the leaf. The name – “ma” translates as powder, “cha” as tea – says it all.

Our ceremonial-grade matcha has been sourced from Southern Japan’s matcha centre, the mountainous area of Makizono in the seaside city of Kagoshima. Famous for its volcanic, subtropical landscape, it’s considered to be one of the best growing regions in Japan. Produced using tencha that thrives in mineral-rich, fertile soil near Kirishima volcano, it makes for a superb vibrant green, aromatic cup (or should we say bowl).