Lavender 25g

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Lavender Flowers grown in the French region of Provence normally bloom from around the last week in June until the beginning of August. Harvested in the traditional way, then air and sun dried these Lavender petals yield a wonderful aroma that helps to relax you the moment you take that first sip. Used often for medicinal purposes to aid with the treatment of anxiety, fungal infections and hair loss, the petals are also used in tea infusions to add an amazing floral character and a splash of colour. Their unique 'Lavender' taste is very much that, however in an attempt to provide some reference it has a very slight mint character along with a slightly sweet floral taste.



INGREDIENTS:Lavender Petals

ORIGIN:Provence, France



AAROMA:Distinct Floral Aroma

COLOUR:Pale Pink Infusion

TASTE:Slightly sweet floral flavour with alight mint character





STRENGTH:Light Bodied