Our Collaborations

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Delzia Switzerland

Our official Coffee Partners from Delzia are not just experts in Italian Coffees but bring high quality Premium Coffee, Pasta, Pistachio products and Wines from across the globe to Switzerland. From their high end studio in Pratteln Basel Land, you can get a fine idea of their expertise and exclusive range of products. Delzia's Giacomelli range of Coffee Beans and speciality Coffees from Costo Rica, Columbia, Honduras and India can also be picked up from our store in Basel. Explore their entire range of products at www.delizia.ch

Artisan Products by Ratnashree Switzerland 

Ratnashree is the brain child of wonderful and talented marketing professional Miss Shiwami Sharma.

Shiwami's inspiration since her childhood has been her Mother and Grandmother who taught her the value of craftsmanship. Both super women in her life were experts in sewing, knitting, embroidery, textile painting and home decor. This shaped her thinking and she developed the passion to build a brand and promote genuine craftsmanship and rich heritage of India in western world. And hence Ratnashree was born post Covid Pandemic as lives of many Artisans was impacted badly. Name of the brand reflects her love for her grandmother who was known by the name Ratna. Help Shiwami grow her small venture and keep the good work going.

Ratnashree currently operates from their brand Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Ratnashree-105652408278936/

You can purchase genuine hand block painted artisan textiles from Ratnashree from our website

Smiqql- Love for salty flakes

Murat and Dina - a Dutch, Turkish, German, American, Swiss and all around pancultural food-loving couple. In 2020 both founded SMIQQL to share their culinary creations that increased the joy of every meal.

Obsessed with spicy food, Dina was continuously unsatisfied with existing spice-makers on the market. She craved something hot that she could add to any dish that gave her the heat and extra flavor she desired without having to make the whole dish spicy during cooking - something Murat couldn't tolerate. Existing hot sauces were usually acid-based or full of sugar, and buying fresh chilies in Europe always ended in disappointment. Until one day she married the base flavors of garlic, lemon, paprika and a hint of ginger and bayleaf with the sweet spiciness of Piri Piri chilies and then fused these with the crunchiest, most delicate Australian salt flakes she had ever tried. And like that SMIQQL's first product was born: Critical Chili spicy flaky salt.

A little sprinkle added all that heat but also deeper flavor and an unforgettable crunch to every dish. It was addictive and Dina was eager to share it with Murat. Since he doesn't like the fire, Dina decided to take out the chili and instead add some turmeric and smoked paprika to add that oomph - and voila: Little Boom flavored flaky salt was here. Dina and Murat loved sprinkling their flaky salts on all their food so much that they decided to share them with the world. Together they created more and more flavors, so excited about how just a little sprinkle could totally transform the flavor profile and experience of any dish - both savory and sweet ones alike. They decided to curate two sets: four spicy and four non-spicy flaky salt flavors, designed to make you smile and celebrate that everyone can have their food just as spicy, flavorful and salty as they uniquely like it. SMIQQL uses only organic ingredients and fundamentally eliminates the use of plastic with our not only recyclable but reusable glass packaging.

Their flavored flaky salts - 'Sprinkles of Joy' as they call them - are the first products they launched, with many more to follow. Smiqql your food with flakes made with Love by the Duo.


Alambe Switzerland


Tim's Father Alex has been in the coffee business for 30 years, almost 20 of them in the Vietnamese coffee market. His expertise and knowledge about Vietnam and its coffees is therefore almost unsurpassed. A few years ago, his long-time colleague Hiep Pham set up a small roastery in his garage, where he set himself the goal of roasting Vietnamese coffee to perfection without additives (in Vietnam, industrial margarine or even fish sauce is often used for roasting). After much experimentation, he achieved a quality of coffee that cannot be found in this form in Vietnam. My parents decided to build a roastery together with Hiep and found the brand "Alambé - Finest Vietnamese Coffee" to introduce these high quality coffees to the world. The brand name Alambé embodies the coffee expertise of Alex Gruber, the roasting know-how of Hiep Pham and the artistic eye of Bernadette Gruber.

In my opinion, the best thing about Alambé is that our range of 6 qualities offers a coffee for every taste. Whether you're looking for a pure caffeine kick, a classic Italian espresso flavour or a classy filter coffee experience. Vietnam may not be famous for high quality coffee, but our mission is to prove you the opposite. The best way to see this is by tasting it for yourself! You can find Alambe's collection at our store in Basel and know more about them at www.alambe.ch


 Polish Pottery Maisprach

Karim and Martha had long been fans of Polish pottery when the opportunity arose to take over the exclusive Swiss distributorship for the most acclaimed ceramics manufacturer in Poland, Ceramika Artystyczna.

Ceramika Artystyczna is one of four workshops or collectives that produce ceramics in Boleslawiec, Poland and is world-renowned for quality and design. The stoneware is handcrafted and hand decorated by artists using small sponges to stamp each pattern and color individually. Not only do certified Master artists train apprentice artists but they also produce "Unikat" (Unique) or "Signature" (artist signed) pieces. These exquisite pieces are labor-intensive and therefore, limited in supply. Since all of the pieces, both regular and "unikat" are hand crafted, each vary in design, pattern and color. Ceramika Artystyczna was founded in 1950 and has been making award-winning ceramics for over 50 years.

Polish stoneware is beautiful and functional and is designed for everyday use in your kitchen and throughout your home. The pottery comes in a variety of designs and colors, all of which complement each other well. A uniform color palette in the various patterns allows the collector to easily mix and match patterns.

Their goal is to provide premium quality products in a wide variety of choices with individual personalized service. Do visit them at Basel Land or www.polishpottery.ch


 Cafe Spalentor

Here's the story of Lackerli Manufacturer and Cafe Spalentor directly from Sanjay Singh


During my apprenticeship at the Jowa bakery in Birsfelden, I was fascinated by the production of Basler Leckerli, the bewitching scent of honey, almonds and spices and in the tradition of a centuries-old product make production an affair of the heart for me.

In 2018 we then opened the Café Spalentor, revitalizing an old family tradition. My great-great-grandfather already ran the restaurant “Zum Alten Moritz” in Nuremberg, which he appropriately named after himself and which still exists today.

We soon started producing Basler Leckerli and since December 2020 we have been offering you the opportunity to conveniently order our treats to your home or office. I would be happy to bring you my treats.

Sanjay and his family look forward to your visit at Cafe Spalentor next to Spalentor Bus Stop. 

Say Hi from us at Time to Tea when you visit and do not forget to try one of our delicious and premium Teas they serve.


Primrose Secret Gardens

Direct sale of honey and processing

Behind the ancient stone walls of the Suchard district in Neuchâtel, you will find Primrose Secret Garden, an urban organic garden offering honey, sweet and savoury condiments for your kitchen, beeswax wrappers and candles for the home. Treat yourself luxurious organic soaps, effervescent bombs and bath scrubs.

All their ingredients come from BioSuisse certified organic beehives and lush gardens. Their products are hand-made on site in our culinary laboratory.

By Jennifer Rohr 

Jennifer Rohr

Beekeeper / Producer

Originally from a hobby farm in Vancouver, Canada, I moved to Switzerland in 1998 with my husband, two children, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. To deal with some unexpected reminders of life's fragility, I went back to my agricultural roots (literally and figuratively) and began the transformation of our urban property into an organic farm and apiary, the foundations of Primrose Secret Garden.

​You can now Pick up Primrose products from our store in Basel or order online via https://www.primrosesecretgarden.com



Guayusa: Energy From Ecuador

Samay is a sustainable brand founded by Michelle from Ecuador to support lives of farmers growing this super herb.


In Quechua (native indigenous language) the word Samay has 3 powerful meanings:


Samay's philosophy is based on these three pillars

Spirit: Living the spirit of nature through Samay means experiencing the essence of life from a deep connection with the earth and nature. It means enjoying foods that have been born with strength and energy in a place of abundance and have been cultivated with all the love and ancestral wisdom of small native farmers.

Breath of life: Mother nature provides us with foods that are source and breath of life. We also seek that Samay is that breath of life that provides energy, vitality and well-being to your body, mind and soul, so that you connect with your inner power.

REST: Give yourself the opportunity to take a rest, breathe and connect with the present moment when you enjoy Samay tea.


"Our origins inspire us"

I was born in the middle of the world, Ecuador, in the Andean range, surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, next to rivers, seas and jungles. The variety of ecosystems and cultures in my country have shaped my vision of the world. I am passionate about understanding diversity in all its forms and I enjoy seeing life from different perspectives. That is why I am inspired by the mission of connecting different cultures & communities, sharing my roots and a piece of Ecuador through products with a soul that promote social responsibility, sustainability and fair-trade chains. Samay is a project that was born from this vision and has the purpose of supporting and positively impacting indigenous communities of Ecuador and in turn promoting the well-being of consumers with natural foods that embody the energy and wisdom of nature.

Live the spirit of nature through Samay!


Samay’s Founder


What is Guayusa?

GUAYUSA (gwhy-you-sa) is a rare, naturally caffeinated herbal infusion produced from the leaves of a holly tree native to the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador.

Guayusa has been part of Amazonian culture and cultivation for over 2000 years, treasured for its unique balance of caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids*, and its energizing effect that is similar to that of coffee and yerba mate.

Guayusa is grown on small family farms and hand-picked by local farmers from the rich soil under the canopy of the Amazon Rainforest. It serves to not only make a difference in the lives of Ecuadorians through income generation, but also helps conserve the rainforest.

Unlike coffee or other energy drinks, guayusa provides balanced energy without the jitters or the sudden crash commonly associated with caffeinated drinks. Its catechins provide a slow release of caffeine for awake and sustainable energy.

Guayusa is naturally smooth and never bitter, with a rich and earthy aroma and slightly sweet finish.

Guayusa Benefits

Guayusa is naturally caffeinated and has an energizing effect similar to coffee, tea and yerba mate. Unlike coffee or other energy drinks, guayusa provides balanced energy without the jitters or the sudden crash commonly associated with caffeinated drinks. Its catechins provide a slow release of caffeine for awake and sustainable energy. This gentler and more sustainable caffeine release is said to create mental strength and focus rather than a caffeine buzz. It is a distant cousin of yerba mate, but without the strong bitter flavor.

Guayusa Rainforest Conservation

Guayusa is cultivated on small family farms underneath the canopy of the Amazon Rainforest. Guayusa serves to not only make a difference in the lives of Ecuadorians through income generation but also helps conserve the rainforest. Organically grown in the shade, protected from intense sun and rooted in the rich ecosystem of the rainforest, guayusa creates a profitable alternative to slash-and-burn and clearcutting agricultural methods. It can also be grown with other food, fruit, timber and medicinal plants to create biodiverse and ecologically healthy agricultural plots that allow local farmers to thrive and generate a sustainable livelihood for the community.

Culture and Ritual

Guayusa has been part of the Amazonian culture and cultivation for thousands of years. Traditionally, indigenous families of Ecuador wake up at 3 a.m. daily to sit around the communal fire drinking gourds full of Guayusa tea until sunrise. During this time, the village elders teach the youth about ancestral myths, hunting techniques and social values.

Community shamans will also play a traditional bamboo flute (known as kena) and a two-sided weasel-skin drum, and sing soft rhythmic songs during these early morning hours. The shamans interpret dreams from the previous night, and make recommendations to guide the community and help them live in harmony with the rain forest.