Throughout our childhood, we were fortunate enough to taste a great variety of teas unique in taste as well as the ways of preparation. At the time, I lived in Kashmir and then Jammu in India, two culturally diverse and different climatic locations that observe two very different tea ceremonies. In Kashmir, tea was a universal beverage starting right at 4 AM in the morning, consumed throughout the day and a warm gesture of welcome shared and extended to every guest who entered the house. In Jammu, many believed at that time that tea was must to start the day and accompany evening snack and only way to welcome guests. However, as we grew up and started getting exposure to other forms of Teas, we believed strongly in an enhanced status and positioning for tea, to be enjoyed and appreciated by all at any point of time.

Upon moving to Noida many years later and working in the corporate industry, we began to deeply trust that the taste and consumption of tea be treated responsibly and with emotion. After launching Time to Tea, we began to better understand the very unique and different varieties of tea yet grown from same plant and started learning to recognise the flavours of each, be it floral, fruity, or spicy. We understood by then with the response we received from consumers at our Cafes that tea is the expression of an art practised in a unique manner from one region to another and from one country to another. We also began to travel extensively to different Tea places across India, observe the way Tea is served, consumed and sold. During those visits to diverse tea places over past 6 years while Tea hubs were gaining huge popularity and expanding fast, we discovered the root of our passion for tea and grew stronger on our belief that we were doing what we should have.


By tasting our way through hundreds of harvests and comparing tea gardens and the terroir specific to each tea-producing country, we gradually progressed from an aspiring enthusiast to the team with much deeper knowledge of this noble beverage and its source. I transformed my home in Switzerland into a laboratory of expertise in search of the most exquisite tea delights and trained my palate to recognise their infinite variations and flavours.

Upon arriving in Switzerland, I tapped on all those years of study to better share my love of tea with tea drinkers in Switzerland and Europe, where my passion for tea was appreciated and acknowledged by Tea Lovers. I decided to serve different Teas not very common  in most natural form. At Time to Tea I take great care to share the very finest harvest single estate teas and handcrafted blends with tea drinkers around the world.

Tea is for us the love to share with one and all.

Sunita Kour & Supinder Singh