Welcome 2021

2020 has passed. Let's be thankful that we survived. We have been working even hard to make an impact, live natural and offer natural. A lot is coming

To our customers 

We can't be thankful enough for your support. It was never possible without you. We wish you a Healthy and Happy New Year

To our employees 

Thank you for being with us despite all the hardships. You made our belief stronger that we always have your back. You are our strength and we are so Proud of you. Wishing you Best of New Year

To our Partners

We won't be what we are without you. Thank You for your trust and support. May this New Year relieves us all from the hardships and brings in new avenues of growth 

To our Tea growers 

We are because you are. We promise to always work for your well-being and be loyal. Thank You. Wishing a wonderful year ahead 

Management Team

Techies Time to Tea 

Our Story

Co Founders: Supinder Singh, Sunita Kour

From Kashmir to Switzerland

Time to Tea started as a passion of two siblings who were born in Kashmir region in India. Kashmir just like Switzerland is one of the coldest region in India and has rich Tea culture. Life in the region starts with a Cup of Kashmiri Kahwa early morning and continues with consumption of Pink Tea also referred to as Sheer Chai or Nun Chai where sugar is replaced by salt as a healthy practice. Both siblings and their family carried forward the tradition even after they became immigrants in their own country and moved cities due to terrorism in the valley. This tradition always kept the spark for Tea live in them as they carried Kashmir with them wherever they travelled.

After starting her professional journey, Sunita was never happy with the roadside Tea served on streets because of the hygiene regions. This led to the foundation of Time to Tea in 2014 with the vision to make Tea a preferred global beverage for health reasons. While others Tea players and brands in India have their complete focus on Chai, the products like White Tea and other healthier forms are rarely found in the list. Sunita & Supinder stood focussed on their goal to promote health through their products. Time to Tea has spread its wings through 12 company owned stores  across globe including a Speciality Tea Room in Basel, Switzerland from where brand also offers a range of Ayurveda Teas and other products from India.

Sunita now works on expansion across the globe and Supinder remains focussed on improvement of services, consistent expansion through company owned stores & franchise expansions across India.


We believe in the healing power of nature and we exist to bring it to the world in its purest, whole and most honest form, through our high quality full leaf teas. We strive to offer the best for our consumers, not only through our products but also through education and through a sustainable business model, to help them make better choices for themselves and for the world. For us Tea is the world and we work hard to make Tea an irreplaceable beverage of the world.

Original Indian tea just arrived - thank you 

Viola Langhagen
Tea Lovers

I ordered 3 different teas and they are all delicious. Plus the owner Sunita is a wonderful person. Perfect combination! Absolutely recommend!

Alessandra Esse
Masala Chai

Sunita is amazing, she knows how to delight her customers with expert advice about the teas.The lemongrass tea is very tasty and helps the digestion.Plus buying a box of tea you help the women project in India.Best of luck and see you soon! 

Mo Monica
Lemongrass Tea
Great Lemongrass Tea! Had the pleasure to taste at #openhubday in Zurich!
Kathrin Marie Bute
impact startup

Our Location

With enormous growth via expansions across India through 10 plus stores, we are now working on developing our sustainable business model across Switzerland in collaboration with Capacity Zurich being our support pillar in Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland

Maulbeerstrasse 4, Basel, 4058, Switzerland

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday

10:00 a.m. - 20:00 p.m.